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We also need to know the location of your garden, both as a map grid reference (e.g. SY8552083191) and as a place name (e.g. Lulworth garden). If your garden is in England, Scotland or Wales please use the Great Britain Grid Reference Finder website. If you live in Northern Ireland you can use the Irish Grid Reference Finder. Once you have located your garden on the map, display the grid reference (shown in orange text) and simply copy (highlight the grid ref on screen, then right click on mouse and select copy) and paste it into the form below.

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Information about your garden

Please tell us some basic information about the garden where you are doing the Garden Butterfly Survey. This will help us to discover much more about how to improve gardens for butterflies. These questions are optional and you can answer them at a later time by visiting the My Details page when you are logged in.

Garden size is one of:

  • Small - 50 square metres (60 square yards) or less, which is about quarter of a tennis court or less
  • Medium - between 50 and 100 square metres (60-120 square yards), up to about half a tennis court
  • Large - between 100 and 450 square metres (120-540 square yards), between half and two tennis courts
  • Very large - more than 450 square metres (540 square yards), larger than two tennis courts

How big is your garden? Small
Very large
Which main direction does your garden face? North
How much of your garden is covered by hard surfaces (e.g. paving, tarmac, gravel, decking)? Less than a quarter
About a quarter
About half
About three quarters
More than three quarters
Do you have flowering ivy in your garden (i.e. ivy that you allow to flower and form berries in the autumn)? Yes
Do you have any grass that is left to grow long throughout the summer? Yes
If yes, please estimate the total area of long grass (in sq. metres)

The Small Print: We will contact you with feedback about the Garden Butterfly Survey and information about our work. Look out for our All Aflutter e-newsletter giving monthly information about species to look out for, butterfly and moth news, gardening tips and special offers. You will be able to opt-out from receiving emails from us at any time in the future.

Our promise to you:

✔ We will never swap, sell or rent your details to anyone
✔ We will always follow the strict code of conduct set out by the Fundraising Regulator
✔ You can change how you hear from us or unsubscribe from our mailing lists at any time, just let us know

For more information on how the butterfly sightings and other information that you submit to the Garden Butterfly Survey will be used, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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