Can I see my records from the old website?

During the first three months after launch of the new website, re-registering participants could request their past records from the old website were transferred for display on the new website and iRecord. We completed the requested data transfers in August 2022. 

Transferred records from the old website are included in Explore Map and the survey pie chart on the Reports page, when past years are selected, for everyone to view.

If you re-registered on the current website with the same email address used on the old website and requested the optional data transfer, you can see your own past records (2021 and earlier) for Garden Butterfly Survey. You can find these records listed on the Reports page under My records, and these also feature within My statistics. The My surveys page only displays surveys entered into the current website.

Note that historic records have been shared with County Recorders for entry into local and national databases.