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Tell us about your garden and the butterflies you see throughout the year. Together we can work out how best to help them and provide a much-needed haven all year round.

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Join in

Sign up and register your garden. You can add more than one garden and shared, community and allotment plots are welcome.

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Submit sightings

Add your butterfly records. You can survey your garden all year round, as often as you like. 

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Survey reports

Explore data. You can see your own results and find the latest reports from gardens across the UK. 

Why it matters

Butterflies are some of our most beautiful garden visitors and they also have important roles to play in plant pollination and the food chain.

Butterflies are highly sensitive indicators of the health of the environment and we know many species are declining rapidly.

By counting and identifying the butterflies that visit your survey garden throughout the year, you are sharing essential data that help us understand how they are faring in gardens across the UK.

Importantly, your Garden Butterfly Survey sightings and information about the garden you are surveying will enable us to provide better, evidence-based advice on how to manage gardens to benefit butterflies throughout their life-cycle from egg to adult.

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Thank you!

Thank you for visiting the Garden Butterfly Survey website.  We need to fully understand what is being seen throughout the UK all year round to understand how our garden butterflies are doing.

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