Why has the website changed in 2022?

Why has the website changed in 2022?

In 2022, Butterfly Conservation has relaunched Garden Butterfly Survey with a brand new website. The new site is improving data flow and has been designed with recorder feedback in mind.

Behind the scenes, the new system now feeds directly into iRecord This means your butterfly sightings are now immediately available to County Recorder data verifiers, Butterfly Conservation Branches and Local Environmental Records Centres.

The new website hosts the same year-round garden survey with enhanced recording options. This includes adding photographs to your records, adding more than one garden to your account and taking part from shared gardens, community gardens or allotments.

Throughout the year we will be adding more guidance and resources to the site. And, if you opt in, you can now receive news and advice about gardens and butterflies to your inbox.

This work is part of Supporting Science, a project that’s improving data flow and supporting our recorders and volunteers to access natural heritage digitally. Supporting Science received DCMS and National Lottery funding, distributed by The Heritage Fund as part of their Digital Skills for Heritage initiative.