How do I enter records?

To enter a sighting, you first need to sign in (or sign up if this is your first visit to the new website).

Next, click the Submit Sightings menu link. A form will open on the screen. Select the date of your sighting and the survey garden name. The grid reference for your survey garden will now appear automatically and the garden butterfly photographs for your survey region will also appear below. You can click on the 'i' symbol for more information and images of a species.

Find the species you want to record. It is likely to be shown among the garden butterfly photographs open on the form. If not, then click on 'Other species' to expand the list until you locate the correct species.

Click in the empty box below the image of the species you saw. Type the maximum number of that species that you saw in the survey garden at any one time that day. The box will turn green. You can also add a photograph by clicking on the camera symbol for a species.

When you've added all the sightings for that date, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the blue Submit button. 

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How do I enter records?