How is my garden location saved?

You enter the location of your garden during registration by clicking on a map or entering a grid reference. You also give a 'site name' such as the nearest town, borough or village. When you view your own records you'll see the accurate location and the site name.

When Butterfly Conservation and iRecord Verifiers view your records they will also see full details, so your butterfly observations can be checked and any feedback can be provided. Butterfly Conservation and iRecord Verifiers can also download Garden Butterfly Survey records with full details to add them to Butterflies for the New Millennium database and local County Recorder databases that they manage and share.

Other users of iRecord or other Garden Butterfly Survey users cannot view or download your records with full location details in the public view. They can see your name and the garden location blurred to the nearest 1Km without a site name.

Your full record details may be shared, including publicly, according to the Privacy Notice and the Terms of Use. Please read these to learn more about how your personal data and butterfly records are processed, stored and shared.

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How is my garden location saved?